Our Repairs

We have been fixing/repairing Projectors for over a decade and we are London's go to workshop for Benq Projector Repairs. Many other repair shops send their projector repairs to us !

Give us a call now to see how we can help you on 0207 183 1644

Common Problems we fix

We Fix:

  • Missing pixels and snowstorm images.
  • Benq Flickering colours such as blue and green Blending or black and white.
  • Benq projector not turning on.
  • Fan failure and warnings.
  • Lamp light warnings and similar problems.
  • Lens issues including a dark images.
  • Benq Projector turns off after 5 minutes

Missing Pixels

In this image above you can see a severe snowstorm effect. This is most commonly caused by DMD chip issues. We can fix this problem, however, in most cases the DMD chip needs to be replaced.


In this image above you can see the projected image has no snow storm effect any more.

In this particular case we removed and replaced the DMD chip.

Broken connector on Projector

Here we are repairing a broken connector on a projector motherboard. This is a common problem when a customer opens the projector and is too vigorous with pulling at cables. Here they pulled the connector right off the motherboard. The connector was replaced. These repairs are charged at £129 and take 24 hours.

Benq Projector Turns off after 5 minutes?

Here We are repairing a Benq W1400. This projector is not easy to open and should only be opened by a certified engineer. Some Benq projectors will turn them selves off after 5 or 10 minutes, This is sometimes due to overheating. A BENQ 1070 or Benq1080 that turns off after 10 minutes is an easy repair at our workshop. Resistor and Transistors can get quite hot and if they get too hot the projector will switch itself off to stop any damage. There are Thermal Resisters on the Ballast that will sometimes break. Fans may need cleaning out or replaced. Sometimes the colour wheel does not turn at the correct speed. These are some of the many reasons why a Benq projector will turn off after running for a while. If you have this problem give our engineer James a call

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