Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a repair take?

All our repairs during working days are usually completed within in 24 hours. However as we are closed over the weekend, if you bring it in to us on a Thursday or Friday, it will be ready on Monday.

How long does it take to get parts delivered?

It depends how far the part is being delivered. If delivered from within the UK, just a few days. If delivery is from China/Asia, you may need to wait around 3 weeks for the part to arrive.

Do I have to pay for diagnosis?

We offer FREE diagnosis, unless the device in question has liquid damage as we would need to use chemicals to clean the area to see the extent of the damage, and if a repair is possible. In such circumstances a small fee would be agreed upon prior to the diagnosis to cover the cost of the chemicals.

How do I find your office?

We are located in the CitiGroup Building in Canary Wharf in London. As it is one of the tallest Skyscrapers in the UK the building can easily be seen in Canary Wharf. Just walk in the Main Entrance on the ground floor and ask reception for "Projector Repairs". It's always best to call us first and book an appointment prior to turning up. Tel: 07566238934

What happens if i do not collect my projector after 2 months?

All projectors not collected or paid after 2 months will be broken for parts.

Can't Find Your Question?

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