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£149 Repairs

Free Diagnosis

Skilled Engineers

Our engineers have seen almost every possible problem with BenQ projectors.

As we have been repairing projectors for many years we can repair lamp problems,DMD chip replacement and projectors with no image and many more issues. Electronic engineers fixing issues since 1995.

Component Level Repairs

Some repair companies hardly ever see BenQ projectors. Our engineers can fix technically difficult issues. We can replace almost all components on motherboards. Short Circuits. Capacitors, resistors, diodes, including zener diodes and integrated circuit chips. As well as DMD chip replacements and Lens repairs.

Common Faults With Colour Wheels

One of the most common faults inside a projector is caused by the colour wheel. We have many of these in stock and can help with fixing or in some cases replacing the colour wheel. As this is a very common fault give us a call for FREE advice. Maybe you just need to buy a projector lamp. Give us a call today.

Missing pixels white spots?

If you have missing pixels or spots on your image in most cases this is caused by the DMD chip but NOT always. We can help you fix this problem as a DMD chip replacement may be required. We have many DMD chips in stock most are priced at £99.

Important Notice

We are now on a skeletal service and are only open a couple of days per week. Repair times may vary over the next few months please always book an appointment.

4k Projector repairs between £199 -£249

Benq Lens Problem

Here we have a Benq lens removed from the projector. The customer complained of dark blobs on the image. In this case we removed the lens and completely took it to bits. The whole light block of the DMD chip engine was removed and cleaned. The customer was charged £99 

Benq Dust in the lens unit

Sometimes we receive Projectors that the customer has tried to clean themselves. The usual scenario is taking a can of compressed air to the projector. This idea is terrible !! Dust is blasted into the lens unit over the DMD and all lenses in the unit. Never use compressed air on a projector.  

Benq speckles on the image.

Here we have removed the entire engine including lens and DMD chip. As you can see it pretty bare. The unit has mirrors inside and over the years these can become dusty. A clean out will ensure a beautiful bright image again. We also recommend cleaning the color wheel at the same time. 

Benq Projector overheating ?

"Hello my Benq w1070 switches off after 5 minutes, the fans are clean the color wheel is clean and it still switches itself off whats the problem?"

A Benq projector will get very hot when used for many hours.  There are heat sinks inside working very hard too keep things cool.  At times a Benq projector cuts out after 5 minutes. Why? Inside your projector are thermal resistors and sensors that cause problems Often fans are to blame but not always. We have seen problems like this may times over the last decade why not give us a call to have it repaired today.

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Message Sent

As we are based in Canary Wharf, our service is by appointment only

Send us your projector?

Please send your projector to :

Ninatec Projector Repairs

Benq Division
Level 18, 40 Bank street

Canary Wharf 

London E14 5NR

Engineer Direct 0207 183 1644

All Repairs under £149

All repairs are £149 or under. Parts are not included. For example if we clean a fan or colour wheel or change a capacitor or a transistor the price is £149. However if we have to replace the power board or motherboard we will call you first giving you a price BEFORE we carry out any repairs. We will only go ahead with your repair if you are happy with our prices. We will never be beaten on price. We also never charge for diagnosis. Most diagnostics are made before we open the projector. 

Please note We do not always fix projectors that are larger than 14 inches. Please call for any enquiries.