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Skilled Engineers

BenQ make great projectors. However, after some time, your projector may suffer from internal dust that can cause motherboard problems and image problems due to blocked fans and overheating.
This is where we can help. Our engineers have seen almost every possible problem with BenQ projectors.

Component Level Repairs

Some repair companies hardly ever see BenQ projectors. Our engineers can fix technically difficult issues. We can replace almost all components on motherboards. Capacitors, resistors, diodes, including zener diodes and integrated circuit chips. As well as DMD chip replacements and Lens repairs.

Common Faults With Colour Wheels

One of the most common faults inside a projector is caused by the colour wheel. We have many of these in stock and can help with fixing or in some cases replacing the colour wheel. As this is a very common fault give us a call for FREE advice for whatever problem you have. Call our friendly team now on 07566238934

Missing pixels white spots?

If you have missing pixels or spots on your image in most cases this is caused by the DMD chip but NOT always. We can help you fix this problem as a DMD chip replacement may be required.

As we are based in Canary Wharf, our service is by appointment only

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